Revitalizing a Community


If you had driven down Highway 58 in the fall of 2013, the Pleasant Hill shopping center would have looked dingy and abandoned. The fate of the shopping center looked bleak. To many residents of the town it seemed like their only economic hub was destined to become just another vacant strip mall, growing more derelict by the year.

Despite the property’s bleak outlook, a local couple, Scott and Kellie Chambers saw nothing but potential. Keeping the pillars of community, health and wellness, outdoor recreation and a love of nature in mind, they were able to bring in tenants that the community of Pleasant Hill desperately needed.

They successfully brought in another grocery store to help serve the community. The Dari Mart company, long known as the local convenience store of choice, wanted to expand. With the healthy eating trends and move towards fresh local foods, Dari Mart opened their flagship Dari Market, a new anchor business in the renamed Pisgah Public Market.

Community-focused vision

Not content to stop there, Kellie Chambers brought her strong talents as a local NIA instructor in the Eugene area to the Pisgah Public Market.  The shopping center welcomed Just Move Studio in May 2015.  The studio specializes in Dance, Fitness, and Yoga classes. However, Nia is Kellie's true passion, which incorporates dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts in a fusion fitness class accessible to everybody. That business quickly grew and expanded into Just Move Fitness, a full gym with a complete suite of commercial fitness equipment and resources including personal training, weightlifting classes and private Pilates instruction.

With the addition of an Urgent Care, private masseuse, Pleasant Hill Acupuncture and an intimate Italian restaurant, Cioppino House, the transformation of the economic heart of Pleasant Hill was accelerating. Pisgah Public Market also includes: Balanced Green Energy, Spa Side on the Hill, The Grateful Harvester, Sunrise Cafe, Hilltop Bar & Grill, Espresso 58, and a variety of professional services offered by local community members. Looking ahead to the future, Pisgah Public Market hopes to foster a hub for the community of Pleasant Hill to live, work, play, shop, and thrive together. 

Don’t miss the exciting changes happening in this charming community just outside of Eugene.


Lived Vision

Community. That’s our “North Star” at Pisgah Public Market, the guiding light that drives our thinking and gets us up in the morning.

Pisgah Public Market is thriving and growing. There is great energy out here.